Ethos Services, LLC dba Ethos Market Strategy is an Indianapolis based market strategy firm. Our goal is to use a industry research based approach to help small businesses, self-employed individuals, and non-profit organizations obtained increased awareness and market share, by finding the best resources that work best for that organization…

To accomplish this, we focusing on helping out clients identify their MVP, and other industry factors that can help them increase market penetration, find areas of development in new markets, as well as increased brand awareness.

Working with our clients, we help them implement a strategic marketing plan, based proven market research which allows the small businesses and/or  non-profit to develop a strategic plan that focusing on their target client, and setting foundation for long-term sustainable and growth.

Objectives of a Strategic Marketing Plan:

Marketing Plan*Increased Brand Awareness and Organizational Message Clarity
*Customer Relationship Building, Client Retention and Reputation Management
* Community Engagement through the Development of Strategic Partnerships and Events
* Increased number of volunteers and donations to the organization
* Position the organization as a place of advocacy and service within it respective community


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