About the Principal

About the Managing Director:

Kendrea Head Shot

Kendrea J. Williams is an Indiana University (IUPUI) School of Liberal Arts (SLA)-Alum that majored in African American History, with a focus on The Black Economic Experience since 1865 and minored in Communication Studies with a focus on Communication Arts.

While a nontraditional student, her on campus activities include : Student Council President, (2013/2014); Innovation to Enterprise Technology (ITEC) program; Ideas Solving Social and Economic Issues, (ISSEC) Student Pitch Competition;  Undergraduate Research Opportunity Fellow, (UROP) and McNair Postbacculaurate Program Scholar, in addition to receiving a R.I.S.E designation for her participation in civic-minded research and application.

Through her participation in on-campus activities, she became civically involved in helping local under-resourced nonprofit organizations and small start-ups, increase their economic market share and gain positioning within their respective industries.  Some of the major marketing and public relations initiatives she has led include(s): Dreamapolis Indianapolis (current); Steward Speaker Series (2013 and 2014 seasons); The National Council on Black Studies 37th Annual Conference,(2013) and SuccessGuide Indianapolis (2011/2012 and 2015), to name a few.

Her current activities includes serving as the current Executive Director of Dreamapolis in addition to operating Ethos Services, LLC.  Some of her best attributes include being:

  • Creative Thinker and Logical Application
  • Knowledge of current Effective Guerilla Marketing Efforts
  • Resourceful
  • Market Research and Industry Focused Planning
  • Believes Marketing is a force in all Economic Development





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